You Are Not Alone is a book for those who question whether there is life after death and a treat for those who already believe. Jeneen Yungwirth shares her personal experiences - from being somewhat skeptical herself-to evolving into being an Inspirational Psychic Medium and doing readings. Jeneen resisted being a medium for a long time for fear or being judged by non-believers. Time, and years of doing healing work, taught her that there are many people who don't understand the death process and are grieving from losing their loved ones. She knew she must use use her gifts to share messages from Spirit with their loved ones for healing and greater understanding. In this book you will also learn how to get your own messages and signs from your loved ones on the other side. You Are Not Alone shares stores of amazing synchronicities of how Spirit will create situations to help guide us and let us now that we truly are not alone.

Jeneen Yungwirth

You Are Not Alone ~

Jeneen Yungwirth

Jeneen yungwirth

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