Energy Clearing 101
Are you aware of energies around you?  Would you like to learn how to clear these energies? 

You can have a one on one session with Jeneen to learn how to clear energy for yourself. 

$175 ½ hour session $300 for an hour.


Energy Clearing for Your Space
Jeneen will clear any space of  unwanted energies.   A house clearing will bring warmth and

peace to any space.  $175 ½ hour session $300 for an hour.


Renewal Session
Are there areas in your life that just aren’t working, are blocked or just plain suck? 

You can clear limitations and blocks in a session, if you are willing to really look at what you

are creating.  $175 ½ hour session $300 for an hour.


Access Bars Session ®  
These sessions are in person only and are $150 for an hour treatment.

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and

cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any

judgment of your body or your being?


Past Life Regression 
Jeneen will guide you through a past life to uncover and heal cell memory you may be bringing

forth into this lifetime.  $150 session duration is ½ hour up to 1 hour depending on what

comes up in the session


Mini Group Reading
Each person gets a reading.  Jeneen will come to your home.  Prices vary depending on location.  Mostly Jeneen does these sessions locally in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.  Contact Jeneen for pricing

Group Reading Event 
Jeneen will come out to an event and do random group readings.  Everyone in the room will receive something simply from partaking in the experience.   Contact Jeneen for pricing


Energy Clearing 101

Jeneen yungwirth

Renewal Session
Energy Clearing For Your Space

Jeneen Yungwirth